Crop tops are a pretty attractive piece of fashion even if you are an adult. When we are talking about crop tops there are two different worlds of adulthood that we should consider, therefore it is really important to do things correctly when you are going with crop tops. You can be an adult and can still wear crop tops but make sure you have things in your mind.

How to wear a crop top as an adult?

Just like any outfit, even with crop tops, it is all about maintaining balance. When you are going with a crop top it will allow you to show a little bit of skin therefore make sure you are keeping the other apparel of your outfit on the modest side. You should always look forward to adding something trendy with your minimal crop top to make sure you have that balanced outfit.

Before you start off with any crop top make sure you have the style clear in your mind because there are different types of tops and different combinations that can create a huge confusion. There are different types of crop tops like minimal crop tops, bra-like crop tops, printed crop tops, and the list just goes on and on.

There are different types of styles, and each style comes with a different function, you should have variety in your wardrobe so make sure you have other clothes apart from crop tops.

Start by looking at your wardrobe and choosing a crop top that will just fit in perfectly and does not look like an outsider. If you are someone who likes to wear different colors and prints, then you should look for a crop top that is on the feminine side. You can also consider some off-shoulder crop tops too. If you want to have a bit sleek look, then you can go with some mid-drift crop tops.

There are different types of crop tops that are simple when it comes to the design and color section which can be paired with jeans or chinos to have a great-looking attire. If you like this kind of idea for a crop top, then you should go with some neutral colors.

How to avoid having a bad looking crop top attire? Here are some pointers which you should remember:

High waist or midrise bottoms: you can choose any type of crop top design like floral prints or minimal top but going with a high rise is an important and underrated factor. The crop top is the highlighting point of your whole attire which also provides some skin show. Keep the skin show on the minimal side and you just have that perfect crop top attire.

Consider the highlighted body part carefully: this point might sound a bit stupid because when you are wearing a crop top it is pretty obvious that you will highlight your stomach which is not false. But the twist comes in because of the different types of crop top designs like off shoulders which tend to add the skin show by including your collarbones, bra-like crop tops which have more emphasis on the chest area.  Therefore, it is really important to consider which body part you want to highlight when you are wearing your crop tops. If you want to highlight your chest more, then go with a bra-like crop top but if you want more emphasis on the neckline area then going with an off-shoulder crop top will be a great idea.  

Maintain the balance (I know this is something I have said a lot of times, but this is as amazing as a perfect game of Jenga):

There is no doubt that crop tops are one of the most fashionable pieces that you can have in your wardrobe. Irrespective of what type of style you are planning to go with, if you are an adult, then staying out of the trash zone is something really important therefore choose some great supporting roles. Therefore, when you are planning to go with some bralette crop top, then avoid wearing any skin tight bottoms like jeans or trousers, instead choose something which is more on the relaxed side like a skirt or trousers. This is something you can follow which helps in avoiding that trash and over done attire.


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