Fashion Trends For The Coming Summer

Fashion Trends For The Coming Summer

Beaded Decorations

When you are looking to take your everyday outfit to another level, you should try going with some beads additions. Beads are amazing and suit perfectly if you are looking to explore new items without giving too much commitment. You can start your style by having a mini dress with embroidery pair them with some boots to have that classic 70s style. In case you are looking to add some layers, then you can go with an oversized coat. Apart from this you also have the option to wear jeans and experiment with different layers.


Cut-outs are something that are trending a lot during this season. There are different places where you can see cut-outs ranging from red carpets to the streets and it is pretty obvious why they are getting all of this attention.

If you are looking to have an effortless style, then going with cut-outs will be a great piece of fashion to have. There are different places where you can look for inspiration like Stella McCartney, Nensi Dojaka, and many more. Coming summer, you should be looking for some tight tops without symmetry and a slinky midi dress. Apart from this, you can also try other items like a leather skirt substituting your regular skirt. You can try mixing different styles as well like causals with evening wear for a sleek and chic-looking attire.

Fringe Jackets

Fringe Leather Jacket

fringes addons have their moments almost every year and it is making a comeback this year as well. Fringes are a great option to have that if you are looking to add that additional flare and movements. Initially, fringes were used for practical reasons but today they are highly used because of their fashion properties.

Usually, we can see fringes towards the ending on any type of apparel of fabric like denim or leather. There are different coats, capes, jackets, and blazers that come fringes. Add them with different items like a skirt, boots, chinos, etc. to make an attractive-looking attire. 

Clashing Prints

If you are a fan of clashing prints, then you might have interacted with someone who said you just cannot wear clashing patterns for the coming year and looks like they were wrong because without a doubt clashing patterns are going to be a trending option this coming summer and spring season.

2021 is about trying new and different combinations which you might be avoiding. There are different things which you can try like green shiny trousers, printed high boots, color-dyed turtlenecks, and the list just goes on and on.

Ruched Dresses

Ruched dresses are some iconic pieces of fashion for this year, and they will continue to be amazing pieces in the following year as well. These dresses are versatile which makes them the go-to option for any type of occasion ranging from formals to casual gatherings. You can easily replace the traditional dress with the ruched dress because they help in getting that extra texture, depth, and fringes to your attire. You can also look to add some accessories to your attire like jewelry and gloves but make sure you are not going overboard with it. In the footwear section, you can try going with some classic sneakers and knee boots.

Long Leather Coats

Long leather coats are something you might not need during the summer season but when it departs, you will definitely need one. If you are looking to try something unique and new, then going with the Y2K aesthetics will be a great option. There are different long leather coats which you can go for. In the color section, you have the option for dual-tone as well which consists of two different shades. Going with neutral shades should be the perfect option for your long leather coats. Apart from the neutral shades and dual-tone options you can also look for different prints on your long coats like an animal print. You can make an outfit by pairing some sleeveless shirts with skirts and layer everything with your long leather coat to have that cozy and attractive look. Apart from this look, you can also try adding a belt to which will help in getting that symmetrical look and you can also use a belt to have some additional color in your outfit. By adding a belt to your outfit, you will not only work on the styling element but also on the practical side because it will help in protecting you from any unwanted elements.

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