French Style An Inspiring Fashion For Fashionista Man

French Style An Inspiring Fashion For Fashionista Man

If you are looking for a style which is great in terms of attractiveness with a touch of that gentleman feeling, then going with the French style is something you should consider. However, when it comes to styling French men have done a great job here. Apart from looking at the great streets of Paris and Eiffel tower you should also draw your attention to the overall style of French men.

If you are fashionista man, then opting for French style or also known as Parisian style is something you should have. If you have anyone who has been to Paris, then there is a high possibility that they have seen some well styled men. There is no doubt that French style comes with great level of elegance, and you can add that to your style by opting for it.



When we are talking about men’s fashion world, you cannot finish things off without talking about Parisian style.

Irrespective of the style, France holds a very big hand when it comes to the fashion world, and we can clearly see it in the men’s fashion world. There are different things which you can have like the classic and minimal clothes, layering, and playing with different textures, French men have done a great job in all the aspects.

There are a lot of fashion items that comes from France have a great history as well. During the initial days French fashion items were mostly used because of the practical features. There are aviator jackets, chore coats, and many more which were initially used for just practical reasons. Coming to the present day, these apparels are pretty fashionable and that is one of the main reason behind their popularity.

To describe any usual French style, they are more on the polish side along with a relaxed hint as compared to the usual men style. In short, a French men style will have that effortless feel to it along with a perfect outfit.



There three basic things which you should keep in your mind while styling from French style namely, durability, good quality and amazing fitting. In case you observe a French man with amazing styles (without making it creepy), then you will notice a hint of luxury in terms of the overall quality and comfort.

In the fitting section we can see some looser items as well which suits well with the causal street style.

when we are talking about French style, there is a lot of layering going around and is more like a normal thing to do whenever you are styling. There are different layering options which you can go with like leather jackets, flannels, hoodies, etc. You can also get different textures, colors, and patterns which you can choose from.

However, there are different types of staples which you can choose to have a french style:



turtlenecks roll neck sweater

The turtlenecks are also called the roll neck sweater which you can choose at the beginning of your style to start things off. Apart from this you can also wear a turtleneck just by itself. By pairing it with a blue jeans to have an attractive looking outfit. You can have this turtleneck to add that classic and vintage look which is admired a lot by the French men. Apart from the turtleneck you can also have other types of sweaters in your outfit like crewneck, V-neks, etc.



 Men Cardigan

Cardigan is an essential which you should have in your outfit and getting them in less bright shades would be a better option. Cardigans are great for when it comes to layering and you can just remove them whenever you feel too warm. Apart from this cardigans can also be used to have that clean and neat look.



French styled Shirts

T-shirts are definitely a must have, and you can have a few (crewneck or v-neck style) in black, white, beige, and navy for adding a base layer to your outfits all year round.
One of the French classic style t-shirts is the Breton striped shirt, which you can wear for an elevated style.



 French styled Shirt For men 

When we are talking about shirts, there are different types of shirts as well like collar and collarless which you can try having in your wardrobe. You should start things off by going with a crisp white shirt and pair them with any slim fitted jeans and layer the whole outfit with a blazer and you have an amazing French styled outfit.

There are other shirts as well apart from the crisp white shirt like the linen shirts which can help in staying comfortable and cool during the winter season.
Apart from the linen shirt you should also go with the chambray shirt for your summer season.

For the winter season you should try going with a denim shirt and wear it over a turtleneck or a sports jacket.

To have some elegance you can go with mandarin collar shirt which are highly related with French inspired outfits.




French styles fitted jeans

When you are choosing outfits for your causal or business casual outfits, then going with jeans should not be a brainer.

As we are going for French styles, here black jeans are more popular options when compared to the usual blue jeans. Whenever you are choosing jeans make sure you are going for jeans which just fits you perfectly.

Apart from the outfit which you commonly wear with jeans there are other combinations as well which you can go with like leather apparels. When it comes to making an outfit with leather items, French are pretty great at this. A very simple outfit which you can pull off is an All-black outfit which needs minimal efforts but provides great and attractive appearance.




When we keep the jeans aside and look for other bottom options like trousers which you can have in your everyday outfits. In the trouser section you can go with chinos, plaided pants, woollen pants, tan pants, etc.




leather vest french style

Vest is a piece of fashion which can be considered as one of the most popular thing French people wear. There are different types of vests from which you can choose from but going with leather vests might just be the best option which you can go with.




Having a good collection of blazer in your wardrobe is another thing that you should remember whenever going for French style. There are different types of blazers which you can go with like double breasted, double breasted, structured unstructured, etc.




men in leather jacket

To have a great and elegant look people of France tend to go towards a classic leather jacket. Nonetheless you can try going with leather jackets and leather coats in the minimal side.

You can try going with suede leather jackets or biker leather jackets which are simple yet very stylish and elegant in terms of their appearance.

When you are styling for street style you can go with a bomber jacket whereas for something edgy go with double rider styled leather jacket.

Apart from the leather jackets there are other options as well like long leather trench coats would be a great option especially for a French inspired outfit.




French style chukka boots

Footwear is something that you should not underate irrespective of what type of style you are looking for. As we are talking about French style, things are pretty well here in terms of shoes. When it comes to causal outfits you can go with sneakers, Chelsea, chukka boots, etc. There are colors options as well which you can choose depending on the color scheme of your outfits.

In the formal section you can go with some polished formal shoes which are also considered to be as a vital piece to have. For formals you have different types of footwears that you can wear like monk straps, oxfords, derbies, etc.

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