Irrespective of what your body structure is, going with an A-line dress will not disappoint you. The A-line dress got popular mainly because of Christian Dior who introduced this dress after a few decades of wars. Dresses like A-line and other similar dresses which are getting a lot popular and there is a rise of many confusion when it comes to styling them.

If you are someone who finds themselves in these situations, then here is a guide which can help you in styling you’re a-lines and flare dresses.

Guide for fitting

A-line dresses and other similar dresses are pretty comfortable to wear irrespective of the body structure you have, and they also come with different types of benefits as well. With the help of these dresses, you can have an attractive looing outfit while keeping the things modest and stylish. With these types of dresses, you can find fittings pretty easily. Choosing the final fitting for your dress is an easy thing because you should choose something which provides your optimal comfort without causing any problem with the overall style.

Nonetheless, there are a few more factors which you should consider before finalising the perfect dress and here are some which you should take into consideration:


The waist placement is another factor about an A-line dress and other similar dresses which you should not take lightly because it does have a great impact on how the overall dress looks. If you go wrong the waist placement, then it will just make things worse for your dress. The placement of waist is too high, then it gives out an appearance similar to a pregnant lady even if you are not pregnant. The correct placement for the waist should be anything which is near to your natural waistline. This waist placement will work perfectly well for women who are on the thicker side and will give a look which is slimmer as well. You can either look for an inch above or below the natural waistline. If you are opting for a inch below your natural waist, then it will give your torso a longer appearance. The main factor which you should remember here is avoid any waistline which is too high.


When you choose a fabric which is fragile or weak, then going with it might just ruin the overall feeling of the outfit especially if you have thick thighs and hips.

However, if you are planning to buy an A-line or any similar dress, then going with a fabric which is which is not fragile, or delicate should be the first rule to follow.

Apart from this, whenever you are styling with theses type of dress, then make sure you are looking what the back looks like. This step is important because it helps in checking how thick the fabric is to make it gives the correct shape.


Length is another important aspect of choosing a dress especially if you are a bit on the shorter side. When you go with a dress which is too short, then it would be a bad choice especially if you are on the shorter side. Apart from this, if your legs are a bit thick, then going with a length which is too short, then it would actually make your legs thicker than they actually are. The optimal length for your dress for any type of body structure is anything which is somewhere near the knees.


Another reason, why a lot of people go towards dresses which are similar to A-line dresses like fit and flare ones is because they help in covering the lower region of your body pretty amazingly. When you go with such dresses, then it will help concealing all the silhouette like hips and thighs and drags the attention towards the upper region of your body like neck and face. If you are looking for a dress which will give you a narrow top appearance, then try going with a dress which comes with halter top. However, if you want an outfit which gives you an appearance which is symmetrical in nature, then look for dresses which comes with a wide neckline like a boat neck.


Sweep might be something not a lot of people are aware of but have seen it multiple times. In simple words, sweep is nothing but the circumference of the dress, when the sweep is large, then it will lead a bigger flare. There are a lot of people who do think that big flares mean better charm and drama, and this is something which won’t work on every type of body especially when you are on the smaller side. For a petite, the best way to choose the dress is by going with a dress which does not comes with excessive number of sweeps because it will just make you look shorter than you actually are. However, if you want to go with dresses which comes with wide sweeps, then going with a ballgown would be a great option, but make sure you are wearing them to the correct occasions as well.

Different ways to style a fit and flare dress

After we got all the information about how to choose the correct A-line and other similar dresses and what important aspects you should remember, now the time is here to learn everything about how you can style them and make the most out of them.

Here are some ways you can style with your fit and flare dresses:


To have some excitement in your fit and flare dress, then adding a long-sleeved shirt sounds like a great option. When it comes to your fit and flare dress, then you can go with some color blocks, neon, monochrome, or the classic black dress. This combination is a great way to with when you are looking for feminine appearance.


If you are looking to have a look that is modern, then adding a sweater would be a great idea. You can pair your V-neck cardigans or sweaters with an A-line or fit and flare dress during the winter season which will not only give you the required warmth but also gives you a modern and stylish-looking outfit. With the help of these cardigans and sweaters, you will have a vintage and attractive-looking outfit.


To have some extra style and textures to your outfit, you can trust a sleeveless collared shirt and layer it over your patterned dress which comes with sleeves. You can either wear the shirt buttoned up or wear it like a jacket by leaving the buttons as it is. This outfit combination is a great option to have if you are looking for an effortless look.

Wear an outerwear

If you want to neutralize the overall look of your fit and flare dress, then try adding some layers with the help of outerwear like jackets and coats. This will not only help in neutralizing the outfit but will also help in getting that modern look as well. There are different types of outerwear from which you can choose depending on your dress, occasion, and personal preferences. You can choose any type of outerwear like denim jackets, blazers, trench coats, leather jackets, etc. Try experimenting with different styles and make the final decision depending on what suits you in the best possible way.


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