If we start to consider fashion for men from all over the world, then it will give us a very different result because there are many unique fashion sense and styles everywhere. Styles and trends tend to change by every culture and location.

Men’s fashion in the modern world

There are different factors which has an influence on men’s fashion world. Nonetheless, the less there are a few basic items which are constant in men’s fashion world like suits, leather jackets, and shirts.

In today’s world things are a bit different as compared to the older days because you can go to different places on earth and still you will find outfits which are very similar to each other. One of the fashion items which you can blame some of this are denim jeans. These bottoms offer some great style with amazing durability as well.

When it comes to styling jeans are one of the easiest considering the level of versatility it can offer. You can wear them with almost anything ranging from relaxed tees to shirts, and you will end up with a decent looking outfit.

Nonetheless, anything which is in excess is just not good be it food, love, or fashion. Everything should have a limit.

Roots of fresh trends

Fortunately, men’s fashion world is moving on from the usual items which creates an opportunity for styling competition as well between different apparels. The new trend in men’s fashion world is skirts. Shocker? Be shocked but this is true, there are skirt trends for men. Skirts are gaining popularity and there is a possibility that it can be one of the major trends in the coming future.

There are two major reason why skirts are getting trendy, first it has been a long time since men’s wardrobe had something new and refreshing and skirts might be the option. The second factor behind this breaking the gender norms. More and more people are moving towards the idea of it is not necessary to stick to a single gender and it is completely normal to wear clothes of opposite gender as well, in short anyone can wear anything.

Are these skirts for men actually skirts?

Yes absolutely, the skirts tending in men’s fashion world are exactly the same as what we have seen for many years but worn by women that is the only difference. Everything ranging from A-lines to flared skirts can be placed in a man’s wardrobe.

Evolution of Men’s Skirts

There are a lot of people who tend to believe that skirt is men’s wardrobe is a new thing which is not true because skirts and men go back in time.


Skirts and men are together since the Greek era which was the first time they were seen. Apart from this we can also find skirts as an apparel for men in ancient Mesopotamia as well and was considered as ritual wear as well. There are clothing items which are somewhat similar to skirts were also seen during the ancient Egyptian time as well.

This is not it because we can see many Romans as well who tend to adopt the whole idea of skirts as a clothing option which was in future become a cultural thing.

The Romans did it a bit different by wearing skirts over their trousers. During the Roman’s era they did a lot of changes in terms of appearance and added different colors along with many new patterns as well.

Apart from all the western and European civilisations, skirts were popular in Asia as well because we can see many Maharajas and leaders pulling of skirts made from valuable gems and stones like gold. Apart from this there were commanders as well who had skirts as a uniform.

Decline of skirts

The major decline of skirts was stared during the industrial revolution because men had to work in different and newer conditions like factories and mines and it needed something which was more comfortable and durable which then lead to rise of trousers and jeans. After the decline skirts were only considered as something feminine.


During the 60s and 70s era trend of unisex clothing emerged and was getting a lot popular. This also gave rise to skirts coming back to life and meeting with men’s fashion. During this era there were different articles that stated benefits of wearing skirts (for men). There were different benefits like the fabric can help in avoiding any dryness and reduces discomfort in the sensitive areas. Along with this skirts were airier as compared to pants or jeans

Since then skirts started to get popular in the men’s section the pace was a bit slow, but it was still growing day by day. Coming to the present which is 2021 were the whole idea of unisex clothing and fashion is at a great level which did act at a catalyst for skirts in men’s world.

The main role in enhancing unsex outfits should be given to social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and many more. These social media platform helped in increasing awareness in people about expressing themselves irrespective of their gender.

Difference Between Skirts and Kilts

There are no difference between skirt and kilts because skirts are something which you wear on your waist, and it just flows on your legs and there is nothing between your legs in terms of fabric. on the other hand when it comes to kilts there are considered as a unique type of skirt which is highly popular in the Scottish region mainly because it is a part of the tradition.

Apart form this, we can only find knee length kilts which is not the same with skirt because there are different lengths as well. in terms of fabric there are no extra fabrics in kilts. When it comes to styling, we can find kilts paired with different types of outfits like peacoats and formal outfits.

Shapes and Materials

As we have mentioned above there are no new skirts in the fashion world which are specifically termed as “men’s skirt”. The skirts which we can see in men’s fashion world are same as we see in the female section.

There are different types of skirts out there and in different shapes as well like A-line, tube, Pleated and many from which you can choose the best as per your personality and styling preferences.

Here are some different ways you can style your skirts:

Skirts with Leather Jackets

Men Skirts with Leather Jackets

When we are talking about versatility there is nothing better than a leather jacket because you can wear them to almost every occasion from casual get togethers to business meetings without creating any mess. In simple words you can wear your versatile leather jacket with skirts without having any second thoughts.

Start your outfit with any darker colored skirt and layer them with black or brown colored leather jacket and you are good to go.

Apart form this if you are feeling like expressing yourself, then you can add something unique with the help of colors like red, blue, yellow, green and many more.

Skirts paired with denim Jackets

When you want an outfit which goes well for any casual occasion, then going with denim jacket along with your skirts would be a great option. You can create an outfit by pairing a basic tee with your denim jacket and add your skirt.

Men Skirts for SummerSkirts for Summer

Wearing skirts during the summer season does makes sense and you can also wear them as a substitute for your pants and jeans. Skirts do not cause any unwanted friction and enhances airflow as well which helps in keeping things cool down there. When it comes to styling skirts for summer things are pretty simple because you can just wear them over a tank-top and you will be good to go.

Men Skirts with Leather Vests

Skirts with Leather Vests

Be it with skirts or any other styling, leather vest will be that helping hand in enhancing your overall outfit. Start things off by pairing any shirt on a dark colored skirt and just layer it with your leather vests and you are good to go. Another thing which you should remember here is to make sure the shirt is light in color.


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