Men’s Fashion- Suit Colors For Every Occasions

Men’s Fashion- Suit Colors For Every Occasions

There are different reasons why the suits are considered as the ultimate formal outfit for men. There are different factors which you should remember. There are different factors which you should consider before choosing a suit like fitting, fabric, style, and color. Every factor should be given importance to make sure that you get the most for your suit. Today we will be looking at different colors that you can consider for your suit for different occasion.

If you are buying a suit which is ready made or going for a custom-made, then finalising the color should be the first thing which you should go with.

The classic colors like black, grey, and navy are pretty common and are in the men’s fashion world for some good number of years or even decades.

However, there are different types of color option which you can go with apart from the classic options.

Men’s Suit Color Guide

Color Chat For Men’s Suit Color

The color of your outfit is important because it helps in showcasing your personality in different ways. As we are talking about suits, then you should also know, that they are expensive piece of fashion as well, therefore you should choose the correct color. The worst thing which you want to do is regretting your color decision.

When it comes to choosing the color of your suit, then there are a few factors which you should always remember. Factors like versatility, occasion, and skin tone should be consider before finalising any color for your suit. It is better to have different suits in your wardrobe to provide you with that variation.

There are some color options that comes with different level of formality from which you can choose depending on how formal the event is.

Which Suit Color Men Should Have?

Whenever you are choosing a suit color, then make sure you are considering your skin tone because sooner or later you will see how beneficial this one step is. If you have a dark skin tone, then there are a few color options which you can go with like indigo, navy, purple, dark green, suits, and many more. If you are making a suit for the summer days, then going with shades like beige, cream, light pink, and many more.

If you have a medium skin tone, then it is pretty diverse. For colors you can go with red, brown, maroon, orange, and many more which will give you that attractive and elegant look. If you have a medium skin tone, then it is better to avoid black and white suits.

For men who are on the lighter side of the skin tone, then finding the correct color for your skin tone is a little difficult. For fair men there are colors like royal blue, pink, turquoise, etc. which are some very rich shades to go with. If you are planning to go with a suit which is classic, then going with a dark grey color will do the job.

Classic Colors

If you have a tight budget for your suits, then going with classic color options is a great thing. The classic color option will give you that versatility and allows you to wear them to almost any type of event.

If you are planning to attend an evening event, then going with any dark colored suit will be a great idea. However, you can wear a lighter colored suit for your evening event, but it is always better to wear them to a daytime event.

The classic colored suits offer great level of versatility which allows you to pair them with almost any type of shirt and tie along with black or brown formal shoes.

For your suits you do have different design options like solid colors, checks, pinstripes, etc.

Nonetheless, here are some suit colors which you can go with:

Navy Suit

Navy Suit For Men

Navy suits might just be the most popularly seen suit color because of the versatility and sleek appearance it comes with. You can pair your navy suit with different colored shirts but make sure it is in a lighter shade as compared to navy suit.

Apart from all the popular colors, brown is another color which you can consider for you suits. There are different shades of brown which you can go with for your suit because it comes with great level of versatility that suits almost any type of skin tone. Apart from this you can wear them with different types of shirts and ties as well.

Black Suit

Black Suit For Men

Black is the most obvious color option that you can go with for your suits. You can trust a black suit for almost any type of formal occasion. Black is a color which gives you that confidence and elegant look. Apart from this you can go with a black tuxedo for that ultimate black suit. For casual occasions you can add some black blazers along with some pants that which suits the casual occasion. When it comes to the shoes, then going with black formal shoes is the obvious option to go with for your black suit.

Dark Grey Suit

Dark Grey Suit

If you are looking for versatility, then going with dark grey shades is a great option to have. Dark grey is a popular option in the young guns, but you can still consider them to have that mature look. For the shirts and ties for your dark grey suit, you can go with different options but make sure you go with something that suits with your suit.

Unusual Suit Colors

Going with the classic suit options is a great idea to go with mainly because it provides you that traditional look. However, you can go with some unique colors for suit which shows that you are brave enough to try rare things.

When it comes to the unusual colors, then you should avoid going for them if you are planning your first ever suit. For your first suit it is best for you to choose a suit in the traditional colors.

Going with unique color option options will help in adding that level of freshness in your wardrobe and helps in avoiding any boring outfits.

There are some colors which are pretty amazing and pleasing to the eyes like rosewood, purple, red, etc. which are not well suited for formal occasion, but you can definitely wear them to weddings, parties, and other casual occasions.

Dark Colored Suits

Dark Colors Suits

If you are someone who has a skin tone which is not light, then going with some dark colored suits will definitely be an amazing choice.

There are different color options from which you can choose from like indigo, dark purple, brown, tan, and many more. Apart from this when it comes to shirts you can go with some lighter shirts. When it comes to ties you can go with some patterned.

When you are going styling with brown, then you can go choose some other shades of brown as well like coffee, chocolates, cedar, and many more. For the shirts you can go with some light shades of blue.

Just like you pair brown shoes with your brown leather jacket the same logic should be applied to when you are styling with brown suits.


Difference Between Navy Suit And Dark Grey Suit

 Difference Between Navy Suit and Dark Grey Suit

If you are planning to go with a suit for every event, then navy and grey suit are clearly the best option to go with. If you are looking for a suit which goes well with different types of shirts and accessories, then dark grey suit is your best option. However, if you are looking to have a suit that gives you a younger appearance, then navy blue is the option for you.

Irrespective of what color you go with, you can wear them to different occasions like meetings, interviews, funerals, formal dinners, weddings, and many more.

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