Men’s fashion is on the unpredictable side whenever we are talking about it. Nonetheless, there are some apparels as well like leather jackets which is still in trend even after so many years and still has the same effect impact as it used to have. There are still new trends coming up every year and makes us think how fashion changes as the time goes on. A trend which is like this are denim shirts.

Let us look at different ways you can pair your denim shirt to get the most out of them without creating a mess of an attire. 

Denim Shirts

When we are talking about denim a lot of people do opt for blue jeans. This is a correct way to think but not when it comes to denim shirts. But it is obvious to think this way because they are made from similar fabric. There is difference because when compared with denim jeans, the shirts are more on the thin, light, and soft side. This is really important because it will allow you to have denim shirt with great comfort which is similar to the traditional shirts that are made from cotton or wool.

Now as we know what denim shirts are exactly, it is time to start getting into how you can wear it and what to pair.

Different ways to wear denim shirts:

If you are someone who is not aware of denim shirts, then you might thing that there is less space when it comes to creating a good looking outfit. This is absolutely not true because there are different options when it comes to choosing clothes to pair with your denim shirt.

Denim Shirt With Jeans

Denim Shirt With Jeans

Starting things off with the classic style of denim with denim. There are a lot of people who do avoid going with denim on denim because it is dull or just too much. But the main thing is to choose things correctly to make sure that you are attire looks great and going with denim on denim will be helpful here. An important thing which you should always remember here is to maintain the contrast. You can do this just by choosing different colors for your shirt and jeans like black and blue. You can also try going with same color but have different shades to have a more uniform looking attire. You can try going with lighter shade of blue and a darker one.

With Shorts

Wearing shorts in public can be a bit uncomfortable but when you are, try pairing some denim shirts to have a great looking outfit. You can try going with a lighter shade of denim shirt make sure you are choosing a short sleeved shirt and just wear your favourite summer shorts and you are good to go.

Shorts are not the only thing that you have because there are some other clothes as well like chino shorts, dress shorts, cargo shorts, etc. will be a great option when you are pairing them with denim shirts. This is a great style which can save you a lot of time and provide great level of comfort.

Shirt As A Jacket:

Shirt as a Jacket

Not having a denim shirt in your wardrobe is a big lose because there are multiple outfits you can create by mixing and combining. A basic outfit looks like jeans paired with a basic tee with some sneakers and that is it. There is nothing wrong with this outfit because it is easy to wear and comfortable which goes well for daily wear. Nonetheless, you can always try make this simple outfit better without spending too much of energy by just adding a denim shirt.

Wearing a denim shirt over your basic outfit is one of the first thing that you can do to have a denim shirt outfit. The main difference which you can see here is that the buttons are full open which gives it a jacket like appearance.  

Denim Under A Blazer

Denim under a Blazer

Formal clothing is evolving and there are some styles and outfits that do include denim shirts. The denim shirt is not going to exactly replace the traditional shirt, but it is still pretty close. Getting to the point, denim shirts when paired with a great blazer and jeans is just an amazing outfit that you must have in your wardrobe.

If you like to wear your denim shirt with jeans, then make sure you are not forgetting that it is still a shirt, and adding a casual blazer will just enhance the overall appearance of your attire. If you still want to add something else to this combination, then adding a tie will be a great option. Another important thing that you should always remember is to opt for a slim fit denim shirt.

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