Modern Way To Style Motorcycle Jackets

Modern Way To Style Motorcycle Jackets

Whenever we talk about leather jackets, then a few years ago the options were not as wide as they are now. If we look for leather jackets in today’s world of fashion, then the options are close to being uncountable. Out of many leather jacket options, one of them is a moto jacket. You may ask what exactly is a moto jacket? Then it is nothing more than a modern take on the classic motorcycle jacket.

Moto jackets come in the same premium leather materials as their vintage predecessors, but they stand out from the crowd thanks to their contemporary design. What exactly are moto jackets, and what advantages do they provide?

Definition Of Moto Jacket

Men Leather Moto Jacket

A Moto Jacket is a leather jacket that shares several features with traditional motorcycle jackets but boasts a more contemporary and streamlined design. These jackets have a rich history that dates back over a century, with some of the earliest iterations emerging in the early 1900s. Since their inception, motorcycle riders from around the globe have adopted them. While Moto jackets draw inspiration from their traditional counterparts, they are characterized by a more modern aesthetic.

The Difference Between Moto Jacket And Traditional Motorcycle Jacket

The fabric used in the making of both of these jackets is the same, which is leather. Coming to leather as a fabric, then it comes with characteristics like being strong and thickness which is more than the usual jackets we have. As this jacket is made out of leather, then the overall warmth provided will be greater along with protection it offers when compared to the usual jackets.

Motorcycle jackets are usually made from leather that helps in achieving a better range of warmth and protection. However, we still have to understand that the overall construction of classic motorcycles and moto jackets is very different.

Therefore, you should know what the main difference between these two leather jackets are:

The first thing which you should remember is that moto jackets have more focus towards appearance and style which is the main reason for the availability of different colors and designs in moto jackets. However, coming to the classic motorcycle jacket, they do have different types of colors, but the overall construction is done focusing more on protection.

Moreover, moto jackets don't fit like regular motorcycle jackets. Motorcycle jackets made of traditional leather are typically baggier. They have extra material, which emerges as a baggy fit. In contrast, moto jackets feature a more form-fitting style. They conform to your body's contours. Moto jackets tend to fit more snugly than standard motorcycle leather jackets since they have little to no extra material.

Advantages Of Having Moto Jackets

There are a lot of leather jackets out in the market which we all are very well aware of, so what is the reason for choosing moto jacket over other jackets be it even the traditional motorcycle jacket.

The first reason to consider a moto jacket is the overall fitting it comes with which is very much beneficial as it complements your body very well. When you wear a moto jacket, then it will give you an appearance which is slim and tall without physically hindering with your body.

Another thing to remember here is that moto jackets come with a great level of warmth and can be very much compared to the warmth provided by other jackets, even coats. Along with this, they also come with fasteners and zippers on collars and front respectively.

While they have various advantages, some motorcycle jackets are cushioned. Both classic motorcycle jackets and moto jackets frequently have padding. Motorcycle riders value it as a sort of protection. Both padded and unpadded motorcycle jackets are available.

Moto jackets come with lots of pockets. Most motorcycle jackets come with two to four front pockets. These pockets can be used to store small goods if you ride your own motorcycle.

To make sure you get all the benefits from your moto jacket, then it is not necessary for you to ride a motorcycle on daily basis or even own one. Everyone has access to them. Simply put, many men and women favor the contemporary look of moto jackets over more conventional coat and jacket designs. You can still wear a motorbike jacket even if you have never ridden a motorcycle.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Moto Jacket

choosing moto jacket over other jackets Just like any other fashion apparel, even moto jackets are not prepared equally. Therefore, if you are looking to get your hands on some moto jacket, then make sure the leather used in its construction is Napa leather.

The main reason why you should always look for Napa leather is because of the premium quality it has along with a fine grain. The softness of a Napa leather is close to impossible to match which just makes it an amazing option to have.

As we are on the topic of leather, then you should be well aware that there are different types of grains which can only be found in real leather. Coming to the grain of napa leather, then it is finniest as compared to any other leather hide which is the reason behind the softness it comes with. Therefore, the softness of moto jacket made from napa leather is better than other coats and jackets.

Avoid getting into the trap of thinking that faux leather stands in the same quality when compared to real leather.  Faux leather is used to make some motorcycle jackets. They may resemble genuine leather in appearance, but they are often inferior. The durability of faux leather jackets, including moto jackets, is inferior to that of genuine leather. Animal hides are not used to make faux leather. It is a synthetic material that is also referred to as artificial leather and is made of a base material that is covered in a layer that resembles plastic. Avoid choosing a faux leather moto jacket if you're planning to get one.

While picking a moto jacket, you should search for a color that goes with everything. The fundamental colors that most closely resemble the other colors on the color wheel make up universal colors. They don't contrast badly with many other hues. Instead, colors that are universal work well with almost all other colors. This means that if a moto jacket has a universal hue, you can use it with more outfits. Moto jackets are frequently produced in the universally popular colors of black, brown, and white.

The option of including a quilted lining solely depends on how you are going to use your moto jacket. The lining is simply the addition of fabric to the inner side of the jacket for added protection and warmth. You do have the option of adding a lining to your moto jacket and a quilt is one of the most popular options.

Coming to quilted lining, then is popular because of the level of insulation it can provide with the help of patch working and quilting. This addition is a great option to have in your moto jacket especially if you live in a region where winters can get extreme.

In The End

If we take a classic motorcycle jacket and give it a modern makeover, then we will get something in the form of a moto jacket. The characteristics of these two leather jackets are similar but still have their individual differences in the form of collar fasteners, pockets, and many more. However, the final decision should be made according to your personal usage.


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