If you are someone who is thinking of a brand-new leather jacket, then you should try considering a quilted leather jacket. Just like any other leather jacket, they are also made from high-quality real leather which will provide a great level of comfort and style. Quilted leather jackets are different from the normal or traditional leather jacket as it has different stitching and has other fabric layers as well.

Reasons why you should have a quilted leather jacket in your wardrobe

Men Quilted Leather Jacket

Unique Style

The quilted leather jacket comes with a unique look and style when we compare it with a traditional leather jacket. Even though they are made from a similar type of leather, the appearance is pretty different. In a quilted leather jacket, we have different quilted stitching that adds to the uniqueness of your leather jacket. Apart from this quilted leather jacket can offer a modern look which is one of the reasons why it is popular.


Quilted leather jackets are light in weight which is a bit surprising considering their appearance. When we see a quilted leather jacket with its thick construction a lot of people think that it will be on the heavy side which is far from the truth. We can see different layers of fabrics in a quilted leather jacket and in between them there is nothing but air. This is the main reason why quilted leather jackets are light in weight.

Premium Construction

Yellow Quilted Leather Jacket

Another thing which you should consider with a quilted leather jacket is the premium construction comes with. Manufacturers work on levels to design and produce a quilted leather jacket that is high in quality. The stitching in a high-quality quilted leather jacket is immaculate as well without any imperfection. Stitching is another factor that you should consider while choosing a quilted leather jacket because it shows how great quality it comes with.

Custom Size

Just like any other leather jacket we have custom size options for quilted leather jackets as well. Quilted leather jackets are available in the standard size from which you can choose as per your body size, but this is not as easy as it sounds because not everyone has the same type of body shape and size. Therefore going with custom sizing is the better option because the quilted leather jacket will be made as per your measurements which will just fit you perfectly. When you are going with a quilted leather jacket in the standard sizes there are pretty high chances that it will either be small or big on you which is something you do not want with your quilted leather jacket.

Low Maintenance

The maintenance with a quilted leather jacket is on the lower side. Considering the quilted leather jacket is made from genuine leather which will resist different unwanted items like dirt, dust, etc.In some rare cases, quilted leather jackets tend to get some visible stains. In these cases, you can clean them with the help of a clean damp cloth and a small amount of mild detergent. Just use the clean damp cloth on the stain until it is cleaned. Apart from the spot cleaning you can also try doing some conditioning as well to your quilted leather jacket. When you are conditioning your leather jacket helps in keeping it hydrate and avoid any type of dryness because if the leather jacket dries it will cause damage and cracking.


One of the best things which you can get from a quilted leather jacket is the warmth. This does not mean that other jackets do not provide any type of warmth, they do by reducing the heat you lose and the fabric from which the jacket is made will cause insulation thus keeping warm. In the case of a quilted leather jacket, things are better because of the thick structure it comes with. The quilted leather jacket comes with different layers which increases the way it insulates thus keeping you warm during the colder months.

An added level of protection

There is no doubt that quilted leather jackets are great when it comes to protecting you from harsh winter conditions but apart from this quilted leather jackets also provide protection from other elements as well like rain, snow, wind, etc. This mainly happens because of the construction quilted leather comes with and it contains different layers of fabrics as well.

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