A High-Quality Leather Jacket

Reasons You Should Look for A High-Quality Leather Jacket

There are a lot of leather jackets which are made from leather, but it does not mean that every leather jacket is made from high quality leather. There are some manufacturers who tend to cut corners by using cheaper quality products to get the exact look but without using a high-quality products. Apart from this there are some other reasons as well like craftsmanship which can affect the overall quality of the leather jacket.

To make sure you are not landing on any of the cheap leather jackets here are some tips which you can consider for to get a high-quality leather jacket:

Genuine Leather Construction

Going with a great quality leather is the first thing you should ever consider while choosing any leather jacket. You can find leather jacket with a label on saying it is made from leather but there are pretty high chances that it is made from faux leather which is nothing close to a real leather which is made from an animal hide. Faux or fake leather is made with the help of a synthetic leather which tends to have an appearance of real leather and nothing else. The price of real leather can be higher as compared to leather jackets made from faux leather, but the extra price which you are paying is worth it because of the features it comes with. Genuine leather jacket are more like an investment because it tends to stay for a good amount of year.

Napa Sheep Skin Leather

Another high-quality leather which you can look for in leather jackets is Napa sheep skin leather. Napa sheep skin is a leather which comes with a soft texture along with a thin grain. In comparison with other leather, Napa sheep skin comes with a soft texture which makes it a great choice for jackets and other apparels.  

It Feels Like Leather

If you have a high-quality leather jacket it will feel like a leather. whenever you are touching the leather jacket it should feel smooth and soft and there should not be any type of bunching. If you do not feel this then it just means it is made from cheap quality. A cheap quality leather jacket will have a rough texture.

Leather content

Whenever you are choosing leather make sure checking the tag and check if the quality of other fabrics as well. There are some leather jackets which are made from leather as well as faux leather. This is mainly done to reduce the price of the overall leather jacket. This is a lose for the customer who paying and not getting the best quality. Therefore always check the tag before ending up on anything.

Bold Styles

If you are looking to get an attractive look then you have to go with something bold for your leather jacket. Therefore avoid something which is traditional and opt for something which is loud and attractive. You can start things off with a leather jacket which is dual tone and also comes with different colored strips. Red and white is a great color combination which you can look for a bold appearance.

The white on red combination naturally contrasts with one another; thus, offering a bold, stylish appearance. You can find the Ricky Stripe Leather Jacket available for sale by clicking the aforementioned link.


Pockets are something which a lot of people tend to ignore but it is a vital factor considering the practicality of your leather jacket. start checking the number of pockets it has and the placements. Having great pockets also shows that it is made from high quality leather. When it comes to pockets it requires skills to make because there is a chance of damaging the leather.


There are different types of sizing available in leather jacket which you can choose but getting the perfect one as per you is a difficult thing to get and takes some good amount of time. To avoid this situation you can always look for custom sizing where the leather jacket is made as per your measurement which makes it a perfect fitting for you.  


The feeling which you get after wearing your leather jacket is an important thing to consider which says a lot about the quality of your leather jacket. The leather jacket which you are buying should feel soft and comfortable and does not feel rough. High-quality leather jackets are mainly made from full-grain leather.

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