Trench Coat Style Dresses

Steal the Show: Unveiling the Allure of Trench Coat Style Dresses

It was the bad times of World War 1 when the trench coats were made by British army officers. So, the country of origin of trench coats can be called the UK. These were like a protective covering which protected them from rain, cold winters, and any harm which the environment has offered them with. It protected them from everything possible when they were residing in the trenches. Hence, these coats were called trench coats.

In this post, we will see some outfits comprising of trench coat dresses.

With changing times, we have seen many modifications in the classic style of trench coats. They were changed to suit the trend of current times. There are never less options in styling in trench coat. You can increase your style by having a trench coat in your closet.

Mainly, the trench coats were originally made using khaki material as military uniforms. Till now, many of the classic trench coats are made using khaki material. A very classic example of trench coat is oversized khaki trench coat. They can blend well on any occasion you ask. You can just take your coat every time you are walking out of your house on cold days and cold nights.



A trench coat with dress is an excellent combination which will help you enhance your look. This pairing will help you look stylish and attractive. You need to make sure that the fabric is mild in colors enough to be paired with prints. This combination will give you many options in styling.



You can take your simple trench coat and pair it with sneakers and jeans or you can try wearing it with a tank top or a simple tee. To have a convincing street look you can try out neutral colors. The tone of neutral colors should not be too vibrant. A khaki trench coat will look good with black or blue jeans or light joggers or leather pants. Any plain t shirt would be fine addition to your look.


Leather trench coat

It is obvious that trench coats are better associated with winter more than any other season. Winters and trench coat goes hand in hand. Apart from protecting you from cold winds they also add a better style statement to your outfit. It is marvelous how you can ramp up your look by wearing a sweater vest under an oversized trench coat. To add some flair in to your outfit you can add a leather belt to your look. For bottoms, wear a simple pair of jeans. If you want, then you can also go for leather pants or ripped jeans.

It’s not mandatory to always wear a pair of pants with a trench coat. Wearing a beautiful skirt is equally fine as well. In winters, you can try pairing your midi skirt with leggings to wear with your favorite trench coat. In Victorian era, women used to wear long skirts with trench coats. One more way to style a trench coat is to wear it with a midi skirt and monochromatic leggings.

To add some funkiness to your looks you can also add some fur elements in your look. You can do so by adding a fur lines hood, fur line lining or a trench coat with furry features in it.



Hot summers are not a reason for you to ditch your fashion sense. To style yourself comfortably, you can try to change the material to thin and breathable so that you can survive heat. You can find trench coats made of thin and lightweight materials such as jacquard, cotton, wool, tweed, cashmere, fleece, boucle as well as light wool. There are also blends such as wool blends and polyesters. You can use these materials in weathers such as summers, autumn and springs.

In summer you can wear a trench coat with denim jeans and pants made of lightweight materials such as cotton or tweed. Some minimalist accessories or dark shades are a good way to add style and practicality to your look. For a classy summer look, you can try wearing your trench coat with jumpsuit of some bold colors.

In summers, the color of trench coat should be vibrant and happy. It will be good if it has some goo floral and geometrical prints. The trench coat should be slim fit.


Trench coats are versatile apparel. Its origin is in World War 1 and since then many people have loved it and made it a part of their closet. You can find trench coats in various materials such as cotton, leather, wool, flannel, tweed, and many more. There are many styles of trench coat available which makes it possible for us to style them in various seasons and various occasions. 

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