Leather jackets are a piece of fashion which everyone has to have in their wardrobe either sooner or later. There are different reasons to have a leather jacket in your wardrobe ranging from versatility to attractiveness.

A leather jacket is different from the usual outerwear because they have the potential to stay with you for a good number of years and even decades considering you are taking good care of it. There is a popular saying as well, which says that good quality leather is better than your ex because they will not ditch you.

You can easily trust your leather jacket during the coming spring season. You can make outfits in different styles ranging from a crisp look to an effortless weekend look. A little bit of drizzling will not cause any damage to your leather jacket along with some sunlight.

If you are looking to boost your confidence with the help of your outfit, then going with a leather jacket will not disappoint you and the best part is you do not have to put a lot of effort here.

Styling With A Brown Leather Jacket

Brown is a color that is pretty popular when it comes to neutral shades and is used to make different types of outfits in different styles. When you go with a brown leather jacket, then it will give you that cool vibe, masculine touch, and a great vintage look. Finding these features in other apparel is a bit difficult which just shows the potential of the brown leather jacket.

Brown leather jackets are mostly linked with pilots, rockstars, motorcyclists, etc. which clearly shows why you should have them in your wardrobe.

When it comes to leather jackets there are different types of jacket styles from which you can choose like a motorcycle jacket, bomber jacket, café rider, and flight jacket.

Apart from this, there is another leather jacket which is known as the field jacket that was initially made from cotton but now, we can find them in leather as well.

There was a time when people used to feel uncomfortable and were angry as well when anyone popped up in a leather jacket mainly because it was not formal enough. Keeping the past to the past you will not find any such things.

Coming to the outfits you can try starting things off with a tan khaki along with your leather jacket and go with a basic white tee or a blouse underneath the leather jacket.

If you are making a formal outfit, you can try going with the basic crisp white shirt and add a tie of your choice along with some black shirt and layer everything with your leather jacket.

This outfit combination will not disappoint you considering the office dress code allows you to wear leather. This leather jacket outfit works great and will not make you feel like wearing the old blazer and suits.

If you are not a biker, then going with the classic brown leather jacket but if you own any heavy bike, then it is highly recommended to go with the café rider jacket. For your biking day you can try going with the classic all black outfit and add your café rider leather jacket on top of it.

Hollywood is a great place to take inspiration for your leather jacket outfit and one of the inspirations which you can try going with is dark blue tee paired with some grey bottoms and top it off with your brown leather jacket. When it comes to your shoes you can try going for that military boots which will give you that rugged feel.

The main thing to making an outfit with your leather jacket is to maintain that balance. A leather jacket helps in adding that masculine feature which might get a little difficult to style. You should try keeping things cool by going with some softer pieces in the form of beanies or scarves which will help in keeping things warm as well. Apart from this, you can try going with neutral shades when it comes to your pants and shoes as well which will help in avoiding any color clashes. There are some other factors as well like accessories that you should consider and try keeping it minimal.

There is a myth going around for a long time that women cannot wear leather jackets which not true because women can wear them and, in some cases, they can style it better than men.

Leather Jacket Outfits For Women

You can start things off with the trendy high-waisted jeans paired with a white tee and layer everything with a cropped leather jacket and you are good to go.

In case you are looking to have something which is more on the minimal side, then you can go with some washed jeans along with a jumper and layer everything off with a brown leather jacket. Finish off this combination with some high sneakers and you will be good to go.

Shirts To Go With Your Leather Jacket

When it comes to choosing a shirt for your leather jacket, there are no exact and strict rules that you should be following here. There are different types of classics and favourites from which you can choose. To make sure things are not getting complex and confusing, here are some popular styles that you can try going for.

You can try starting things off with the help of the classic and simple white shirt underneath your leather jacket and you will be just fine. It might sound that this is not the most stylish option but trust me this shirt can do wonders. This combination will give you that crisp and clean look and is amazing to start things off.

Leather jacket is a piece of fashion that is considered to be timeless which means it will stay in the fashion world longer than most out of items and when you pair them with the correct items it will just take things to the next level.

Start things off by going with a classic leather jacket and pair them with a hoodie which is more on the thicker side and will help in adding that additional warmth. This outfit combination is very versatile which means you can wear it almost any day without facing any problems. A great thing which you can do is try getting different solid colors and pair them with some black jeans and finish things off by going with converse. This combination will help in getting that elegant and relaxed look that works on any casual day. When it comes to your accessory you can try going with a snapback cap.

Formal Outfit With A Leather Jacket

There are some formal outfits as well which you can go with your leather jacket which can work for your office and continue to wear it after your office during the weekend parties.

For your formal outfits you should not go any further than a symmetrical black leather jacket. Start making an outfit by going with a light blue shirt and add a necktie along with some dark grey pants which just works well with the formal outfits.


Leather jacket is an apparel which exist in the fashion world for some good number of decades the chances of it going out of the fashion world is pretty low and is considered to stay for many coming decades. If you are clueless with your personal style, then going with leather jacket will definitely help you in achieving better overall look. In case you do not have one thing take this as a sign to buy one good quality one. Leather jackets are versatile, stylish and trendy and when you take good care of it the chances are very high that it will stay with you for some good number of years.  


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