When you are getting on the older side of the age factor, then make sure you keep your ears close whenever someone says age is just a number. When you are getting on the older side, then it tends to make you wiser, more mature, and enhances your overall decision making. When you are a teenager, then things were different as you were a bit careless and didn’t care what people will think about you.

During our teenage, this careless was the main factor behind the unique outfits we had. Coming to the present you cannot actually do the same thing as you are crossing the age mark of 30 and you should start taking your fashion choice carefully.

Therefore if someone says that age is just a number, just ignore them. One thing which you should know here is that we are not going to abandon style and trends.

For your wardrobe we should be just looking to upgrade a few things and have something which is classy. Whenever you are going for any type of outfit one thing which you should make sure is at top quality is the way you carry it.

When you are creating a wardrobe, then you should consider some vital factors like personality, comfort zone, and personal preferences. If you get things correctly, then the wardrobe you have prepared will be your best friend for many coming years.

When you are upgrading and changing your wardrobe, then you can find different types of items which you will be attached to. You do not want to get rid of such pieces but there is a need to have some space for elegant pieces.

Therefore being smart is really important whenever you are selecting items. You should keep all the basic items like solid colored tee like black and white in your wardrobe. However you should replace them if the colors are faded.

If you are looking for options which are safe, then you should be going with the blacks and whites. This gives you some option to go with different items which can help in enhancing your wardrobe.

Today we will be looking at some of the essentials that you will need to have in your wardrobe when you are above or at the age of 30.

women leather jacketTHE LEATHER JACKET

If you are thinking what piece of fashion will be a great investment to have in your wardrobe is a high quality leather jacket. The quality real leather comes with is immense and the price is worth paying for it. The price you have paid for your leather jacket, will be seen in the coming days.

Leather jackets are pretty versatile option to have in your wardrobe and can work amazingly well for different seasons ranging from summer to winter season.

When it comes to the leather jackets, then you can wear it under a satin shirt, and you have a combination which works for dressy evenings. You can also wear your leather jacket to casual occasions as well considering you pair them with correct pieces.

If you are someone who likes to go have some modest outfits, then there are different outfit combination which you can have. Start things off by going with some maxi dress and just layer it with a classic leather jacket. This outfit is absolutely amazing and will give you that charm while maintaining the comfort level. There are different combination which you can have with different dresses to create many outfits.

white leather women blazerWHITE BLAZER

White blazers are a classic option to have in your wardrobe mainly because of the attractive and classy appeal it comes with. There are a lot of women out there who have white blazer in their wardrobe as a favourite piece and is a great option to have in your wardrobe to create different outfit. A great outfit which you can have with your white blazer is by wearing it over a black shirt and some navy blue jeans.

When it comes to the white blazers, then you should be going with something which fits you perfectly. The fitting on your shoulders and the length of the sleeves should be perfect to make sure you are making the most out of the white blazers.

Having a white blazer which fits you perfectly is important because it will help in creating some amazing outfits, but if you get things wrong in the fitting section, then it can completely destroy your whole outfit.


When it comes to fashion, then you have to keep in mind that comfort is a key factor here. You can go with some good quality denim jeans for your wardrobe is a must when it comes to 30s. Jeans are something which you will wear on daily basis as therefore go with different varieties. A great option which you can try here are high waisted jeans which works perfectly well when you are going from 20 to 30.

The high waisted jeans will help in getting some mature look which is appealing as well because of the overall silhouette it comes with. You can pair a white shirt with your high waisted jeans, and you have an elegant looking outfit without putting on any efforts.

Apart from this you also have the option to go with some boot-cut jeans which are option to have for that variety. Boot-cut jeans are wide from the knees and are on the fitter side near the thigh region. This combination of different fitting will give you a flared look.

Boot-cut jeans will help in giving a longer appearance which is great option to have when you are on the slim side. If you are in the fashion world for some good number of time, then you can create different outfits with the help of boot-cut jeans.

These jeans are pretty versatile as well which will help in creating different types of outfits. When it comes to boot-cut jeans, then you can go with go short top which just adds up to the elegance of the outfit. If you are a women who is blessed in the height section, then you can go with this combination and have some amazing looking outfit.

Boyfriend jeans are another option which you can have in your wardrobe to create some amazing looking outfits.




If you are a working women, then you will be going around office and home and having something which here which is a works both ways is important. This is where he pencil midi skirt comes into picture.

There are different ways you can style you pencil skirt. During the initial stages you can pair your pencil skirt with some blouses. This outfit is pretty simple and works perfectly with elegance. You can keep your pencil skirt in your wardrobe as it will stay with you for different seasons.


If you are planning some outfits for the summer days which has that trendy and attractive feel, then going with wrap skirt will be a great option to have. Things are pretty simple here as you can just pair a solid colored tee with your wrap skirt and you are good to go.

When it comes to the tees, you have different options to choose from like boat-necks, tank tops, polo tees, and many more. You can choose the tee depending on what type of occasion you are planning to attend.


When a women enters the 30s, then there are many people who do think that things will just get boring which is not true. The real life tends to being in the 30s as you will be getting mature and have to make some huge decisions. The overall personality will get a glow-up and the same thing should have with your wardrobe to make sure things go hand in hand.

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