Scarves are accessories that can be worn by men and women and can help in enhancing their overall appearance. When it comes to scarf there are different types of fabrics that can be used to make scarfs like cotton, silk, and wool. There are different types of styles in which you can wear your scarf to add that finishing touch. As mentioned above scarves are unisex which means anyone can wear it irrespective of their gender.

Today we will be looking at different ways you can style your infinity scarf:

What exactly Is An Infinity Scarf?

Before we start with how you can wear an infinite, you should first know what exactly an infinity scarf is and what are its features.

An infinity scarf comes with a continuous loop because of the way they are sewn. When you wear an infinity scarf on your neck it will give an appearance of a ring which further can be styled in different ways. When it comes to the length you can find infinity scarfs in length ranging from 40 to 80 inches.

infinity scarfs

Different Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

There are different ways you can wear your infinity scarves and can experiment with different tying styles. Before you start typing your infinity scarves there are some points which you should always remember. Irrespective of what you are planning to do with your infinity scarf, it will always help in enhancing the overall personality of your outfit. There are different tying styles that you can try with your infinity scarf like double loops, like a shawl, single loop, twisted lock, belted scarf and the list can go on and on.



When you go with an infinity scarf you will get good length which allows you to wear them like shawls as well. You can always trust the shawl look during the chilly winter.



To have an appearance that is more on the quirky side, then you can easily trust your infinity scarves and just wrap them on your neck, and you will be fine. You can do multiple loops depending on what sounds like the perfect thing for you and your style. Another thing that you should remember here is that try keeping the rest of you your outfit on the basic side especially when it comes to the top section.


When women go for the overhead scarf look it gives them that elegance and effortless vibe. You can just wrap the scarf around your shoulders and just pull the scarf to cover your head and you will be good to go. 


If you are planning to have a style that is simple but at the same time, they are classic, then going with loops would be the perfect option here. You can just wrap your infinity scarf around your neck single or multiple times, and you will be good to go. When you are styling an infinity scarf try going with a look that is on the fluffy side. In case you are going with double loops, then try making one look bigger than the other.


Belted Scarf

As the name suggests you can just wear them as a belt around your waist and you should be good to go.


The scarf is something which you can wear to different seasons depending on what the event is. During the summer season, you can wear your scarves without a doubt, unlike the myth which says that scarves are only made for the winter season. Apart from the summer season, you can also wear your scarves to the winter season to add that protection against chilly winds. Apart from the infinity scarf, there are some other options as well which you can consider.


Snoods are great scarves that you can just wear during the winter season and can work as a protective covering against all the hard winter winds. Apart from your neck, you can even use snoods to provide protection to your head. When it comes to the fabric, snoods are made from wool and are more on the thicker side. As they are made from wool it is best to wear them during the winter season.


pashmina scarf

If we were to explain things in simple words scarf is nothing but a bigger shawl that can offer a great level of versatility. You can use pashmina just around your shoulder and cover your arms as well. just like the snood you should also prefer wearing the pashmina during the winter season because of the warmth provided by it.


As the name suggests these are just regular scarves that you can wear on your shoulders which will help in keeping you warm during the winter season by protecting your shoulder and neck region.


As we all know that scarves are great when it comes to using them as an accessory and are great when it comes to adding that finishing touch to your outfit. In case you feel that your outfit is more on the dull or boring side, then you can always trust your infinity scarves to add that finishing touch to your whole outfit.

You can simply wear your scarf on your shoulders and roll them on your neck and you will be good. One thing which you should always remember whenever styling with scarves is always kept the rest of your outfit simple and basic.

Things you should do and avoid with your infinity scarf

Always avoid going over the board with your outfits.

Whenever you are choosing the color of your scarf make sure it is contrasting to your outfit especially when it comes to your top.

The main purpose of adding a scarf to your outfit is to have that minimal and subtle look to your outfit.

When you are choosing infinity, scarves make sure you are wearing them on the fluffy side.


If you are in a thought process and clueless about making an outfit, then we have some inspirations which you can consider:


For the lovely ladies, you can try keeping things simple and go with an outfit along with your infinity scarf and layer it with a leather jacket. For your simple outfit, you can go with a basic grey colored tee along with some black jeans and for your leather jackets, you can go with a black bomber jacket.


For men, you can start things off with the help of some classic black jeans and pair them with a grey shirt and layer everything with a peacoat and keep it open and just add your scarf underneath your peacoat. In the footwear section, you can always trust your ankle boots alongside some leather bags as well.


However, you can use your infinity scarves in different places and with different outfits as well. Apart from different types of styles, you can also wear them to different seasons as well.

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