In many parts of the world, golf is called as gentlemen’s game and is considered too. If you notice the golf attire clearly, you will notice that the men golf attire is very different from other sports. While other sports focus on different things such as comfort and game rules golf attire focuses on looking neat and classy. Usually golf attires consist of tucked in polo shirts and sleek pants.

 If you are new to golf then you will then you will have many questions about how to style yourself. First of all, you need to know the dress code of the golf club you are going to play golf at. Usually, there will be two optional ways in which you can play golf. One is golf course and other in indoor clubhouse. While playing golf you are expected to follow the dress code of golfing club to not look awkward.

 How you should dress up while playing golf?

Many of the beginner in golf thinks that wearing casual half sleeves  t-shirt and jeans are good enough for a golf attire. You must make sure that the clothes you are wearing should be comfortable, flexible and protective to wear. You should avoid wearing clothes which are not flexible, have loud colors or patterns and has any kind of ads.

If you are a beginner in golf game then you should stick to classic colors such as white, grey, black or navy as color options. You can also go with some neutral colors such as khaki and tan. These colors will make you look simple yet classic.

 Golf Etiquette Clothing Staples:

Your outfit while playing golf should be flexible enough to allow you various movements required for the game freely. This is to ensure that you could play every golf swing with utmost ease. This does not means that you should wear baggy and bulky clothes.

 You don’t have to buy some additional clothing for just playing golf. There are many men’s staple outfits and clothes which you can wear while playing golf such as trousers, polos and straight pants. Half sleeves and full sleeves both are allowed while playing golf. In accessories, you can add golf gloves, soft spiked sneakers and baseball cap to complete your outfit.

 You should know that one of the rules of golf etiquettes is that to have best performance without compromising on decency and skills. The attire should be flexible to allow movements as well as It should also give classy vibes and decent clothing.

 What kinds of Shirts do golfers wear?

You may have noticed till now, that golfers usually likes to wear polo shirts while playing golf. Polo shirts are smart casual style t-shirts which has a collar and quarter zipper or buttoned opening. Other popular options while playing golf are mock neck shirts, blade collar shirts and cotton button down shirts. You must always tuck your shirt in your pants or shorts as they are one of the golf etiquettes.

 What kind of pants do golfers wear?

You should decide yourself whether you are comfortable in slacks or shorts. No matter what you choose, they must have belt loops. It means that you should avoid pants or shorts with drawstrings. If you are looking for something formal, then you should opt for chinos or slacks in neutral hues such as grey, khaki or beige.

If you are drawn towards monochrome look then wear navy blue polo shirt with navy blue chinos. Knickerbockers which are also known as knickers is also popular among pro golfers.

 What kind of jackets do golfers wear?

A pro golfer always knows how to layer himself so that he stays comfortable and warm in a cold winter day. The jackets which are used for golfing are always waterproof and lightweight so that players can wear them without any problems even in the downpour.

These days, down filled quilted jacket are becoming popular among sportsmen. You may also go with different jacket styles such as bomber, quilted or gilet.

 What kind of shoes do golfers wear?

While choosing golf shoes you must consider many things such as you should choose comfortable shoes.  Recently, soft spiked sneakers are becoming popular in golf. Make sure that you should avoid metal spikes as no golf clubs will allow those. The sole of golf shoes should be larger than your standard shoes. You should not wear trainers and boots on golf course. Spike less shoes are also doing good in golf market.


To make your golfing experience comfortable you should dress according to the rules and etiquettes. I hope that this article will help you a lot in finding the correct outfit you should wear while playing golf. Your main goal should be wearing a comfortable, flexible and decent attire.

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