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Spending some relaxing on the bench or shouting out loud for your favorite team might just sound like a perfect day for the college days. However, when you are done with your college, the time is here to face the real world which were preparing for. Things just take a huge turn because the world is no glitterier and moves as fast as it can. Nonetheless, there is still one area where you can be on the comfortable side which is fashion.

There are many ways you can get back in time, but the way fashion will take you just hits different. Therefore, you should be looking at fashion when you want to have that college like feeling again.

There are a lot of clothing options which you can consider for your college or high school outfit but going with varsity jacket might just be the perfect time.

One fact that not a lot of people know but varsity jacket is also known as the letterman jacket. These jackets are highly popular among the athletes of the college. Mostly we will see dual toned varsity jackets which have woolen helps and some sort of large embroidery. During the initial stages, varsity jackets were highly popular among men but as the time went by, they come a style symbol for everyone.

When it comes to the women’s section, then there are two main type of styles you can consider with varsity jackets.

Oversized Varsity Jackets

If you are looking to enhance your usual and basic outfit, then going with an oversized varsity jacket on top of will just do the correct job. irrespective of your body type, these jackets will do the job.

Cropped Varsity Jacket

Cropped Leather Jacket

Looking at the cropped varsity jacket, then they are on the better side as compared to the usual varsity jacket. These varsity jacket comes with a hemline that helps in creating a slim waist look. Going with cropped varsity jacket is a great option when it comes to summer season.

Modern outfit inspiration for ladies with varsity jacket

In most cases varsity jackets are seen as the men’s piece of fashion. With the help of evolution and marketing, varsity jackets are considered as a part of women’s fashion world. Styling with varsity jacket is amazing because they come with contrasting colors along with big embroideries. When you plan on styling some varsity jackets, then be assured that you will attract some eyes.

There is no doubt that women will look good at everything. When you go with varsity jackets, then you should know that they come with that masculine touch which can be one of the points which ladies avoid it. Varsity jackets come with high level of versatility, and you can use them as the statement piece of your outfit.

Here are different types of outfits which you can create with the help of varsity jackets.

Sporty Girl

Start preparing an outfit with the help of a classic outfit with the help of varsity jackets. When it comes to your varsity jacket, then going with something in the blue and white section will be beneficial. This type of style is very common and safe to pull off. Along with your varsity jacket you can wear some neutral pieces like a basic tee and in legwear go with some usual shorts. To add that finishing touch to your outfit you can go with some solid white sneakers.

Apart from this you can also go with an outfit inspired from baseball players by going with the combination of crop tops and blue jeans. You will be layering this combination with the help of varsity jackets and add a snapback as well.

The Date Night Outfit

If you are planning to attend a date, but do not want to go out of place in the outfit section, then do not worry, we have got your back. Start creating your outfit with the help of a black bomber jacket and pair them some solid white crop tops. In the legwear section you have the option to go with some skinny fitted blue jeans and finish your outfit with some ankle boots.

You can keep things on the classy side by going with a black and grey varsity jacket and wear them with a grey top. In the legwear option you can include some blue denim jeans and finish of the outfit with the help of Chelsea boots.

The Classic Black

When you do not want to put in a lot of efforts into your outfit but still want to have that attractive and elegant look, then going with a black varsity jacket is a no brainer. There are multiple fashion items which you can wear with varsity jacket. You can try going with an all-black outfit as well with the help a black leather varsity jacket and pair them with black apparels like tube tops and skinny fitted jeans. In the footwear section you have the option of sneakers and boots in black color.

Apart from this you also have the option to go with some black mini skirts along with your black varsity jacket. In the hair section you can go with some pony tail and in footwear add strappy heels.

The Preppy Outfit 

If you are someone who prefers having different types of button down shirts, then considering the preppy category will be a great option for you. Along with this you also have the option to include varsity jackets as well that just helps in creating some amazing outfits. Apart from all of this you should also be looking to include some embroideries as well. You can also go with some customization in your varsity jackets depending on what you are looking for. Start styling your outfit with the help of a button down shirt in light shades of blue and pair them with some pleated skirts in dark blue color. When it comes to varsity jacket, then you should go with a solid black one. In the footwear section you have the option to go with some pumps.

Another outfit which you can have that gives you that preppy look, then going with a V-neck sweaters will be a great option. Therefore start styling your outfit with the help of a V-neck sweater in grey color and pair them with a solid white varsity jacket. In the legwear section you can go with some linen pants as that finishing touch.

The Spring Look

When you are preparing an outfit for the spring season, then going with cropped varsity jacket will be a great idea. You can style this varsity jacket with some skater skirts to have an adorable outfit. When it comes to the colors of your varsity jacket, then going with pink will do the job over a white top. When it comes to your skirt, then florals will be a great choice. In the footwear section you have the option to have boots and sneakers, whichever suits you the best.

Apart from this you can also create an outfit with the help of an oversized varsity jacket paired with some V-necks and jeans. this outfit is easy to pull off and will give you that adorable look.

Final Word

Varsity jackets are a piece of fashion which are a lot of people have in their wardrobe to show that pride. Especially when these jackets are worn by high schoolers which might just be a sign of their high school’s honor. Coming to the present, then varsity jacket are an essential for wardrobes. There are a lot of men who have a lot of desire to wear varsity jackets in different ways, but now these jackets are not only limited to men’s fashion world but are an essential part of the women’s fashion world as well. These were some of the ways you can create outfits with varsity jackets and always feel free to include some personal touch.  


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