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Genuine Black Leather Tail Coat Halloween Costume

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Genuine Black Leather Tail Coat Halloween Costume

Genuine Black Leather Tail Coat, the perfect choice for your Halloween costume! This exquisite piece offers a blend of style, quality, and authenticity to elevate your costume to the next level. Crafted from genuine black leather, this tail coat exudes a luxurious and authentic feel. The classic notch collar is a timeless design element that enhances the overall aesthetic of the coat.

The three buckle closure at the front adds a touch of elegance and customization to your fit. The long sleeves of this tail coat not only keep you warm on Halloween night but also add an air of sophistication to your costume. Designed for both comfort and style, the vent at the back allows for easy movement while maintaining the traditional tail coat look.The combination of buttons and buckles on this coat not only secures it in place but also adds a unique touch to your Halloween ensemble.The interior of the coat is lined for added comfort and a polished finish, ensuring you look your best while trick-or-treating or attending Halloween parties.

Whether you're channeling a Victorian vampire, a dashing steampunk character, or any other mysterious figure from history or fiction, our Genuine Black Leather Tail Coat is the perfect choice to complete your Halloween costume. Step into the spotlight with confidence and style, knowing that your outfit is a cut above the rest. Make this Halloween unforgettable with our exceptional leather tail coat!


  1. Genuine Leather
  2. 3 Buckle Closure with 4 Buttons at cuffs
  3. Long Sleeves
  4. Vent at Back
  5. Notch Collar
  6. button and buckle closure
  7. Paneled Detailing
  8. Lined
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